Carole Dru Yoga – Privacy Policy 6/9/18

What information do I collect?

When you join a class or workshop I ask you to complete on paper or online a Dru yoga class consent form. This has your contact information and a tick box so I can use this information to contact you. There are also some questions about your health.

Your phone number and E-mail address is stored in my business E-mail address book and when you book online in my booking software client list. The booking software does not store your payment details and I have no access to this information as payment on this system is made through PayPal. My laptop has an access code and the E-mail and booking software are only used by me and password protected.

What do I use this information for?

I will store your first name and phone number on my phone, which also is protected by a 6-digit code. Your phone number will be used to text or call you if there is a change to your lesson, for example if a lesson is cancelled. Your e-mail address will be used to send you my newsletter (no more than four times a year) and occasional information about classes and workshop as well as to reply to your enquiries. I will not share this information with anyone.

The health information is so I can ensure I plan safe lessons for you with any modifications to keep you comfortable and safe if needed. If you attend a workshop I am running jointly with a fellow practitioner, I would only share this information if they needed it to keep you safe during their activities.

What are the risks? How are these minimised?

Information kept on paper could be read by others so it will be kept in a locked filing box in my home. If I need some information on my lesson plans during my class I will keep it to a minimum, not using names and not allowing others to view my lesson plans. Paper forms completed at class are handed to me, kept out of view of others and placed in a folder to be held near to me.

Information forms completed on line or E-mailed to me are kept in a locked and coded folder on my laptop. The laptop also had a passcode.
E-mails you send to me are acted upon, then deleted.