KISS stands for Keep It Simple which is my approach to self care. As well as all the fun, active things I am fortunate to enjoy, self care for me is about making time for myself and practicing switching off that ‘go go go’ mentality to avoid mental or physical burnout. Restorative yoga practices do what they say on the tin! By reducing inflammation and switching on the ‘rest and digest’ response, they allow your body and mind to engage fully and healthily with the life you want to lead.

Each practice works well if you take the time to use the associated KISS by Carole oil or balm, containing only natural, nutritious ingredients, including mood enhancing essential oils.

Please read the advice below and do not do anything that hurts or is at all uncomfortable. Restorative yoga should be lovely and feel great. Listen to your body.

Please practise the sessions on YouTube with care and caution.  Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. These sessions are general. They are not intended to offer individual specialist advice. Some postures are contraindicated for certain conditions. I will advise before we work on that posture so make sure you listen out for any points that may affect you. If in doubt, do not attempt a posture and please discuss with me when you can. Do not do any postures that are contraindicated for you! Instead you can rest in Savasana (lie on your back) or in Makarasana (lie on your front) if these are comfortable and not contraindicated for you for any reason. Otherwise sit in a comfortable safe position to wait and follow your breath or visualise the posture.

If you have any doubt, please consult your doctor and if you feel any pain, discomfort or dizziness, please do not continue until you have sought medical advice. None of the work or positions in the yoga should cause discomfort. It is your responsibility to look after your own body and either stop, leave out any part or ask for a modification.

Any health information given is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not in any way intended or implied to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care. 

Any practices and suggestions contained in this video are undertaken at the viewer’s sole discretion and risk. If you have doubts about the sustainability of the exercises, please consult a doctor.