Hi, I’m Carole. I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years as a way to bring calm, joy and clarity into my life as well as strength and flexibility. My first career was as a research scientist so my knowledge of Human Physiology, disease and health is extensive. After that, I was a school teacher, but a few years ago decided to retrain as a Dru Yoga Teacher.

In 2018 I made an exciting move from North Yorkshire to Suffolk to be nearer to close friends and family. I now teach Dru Yoga in the mid-Suffolk area, with classes and workshops in Needham Market and Coddenham.

It is my mission to bring a little bit more calm into your life, a little bit more joy into your life and to encourage you to reconnect to yourself, connect with others and to nature. In addition to indoor classes, I love to teach yoga outdoors in the Suffolk countryside.

About Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is a gentle, flowing yoga for all bodies, ages, sizes and bendiness levels. My classes have modifications for those who need them so they can access the benefits of the yoga fully and harder options for those who wish to work more intensively.

Specific body preps, muscle strengtheners, stretches and core work is included as appropriate to the lesson aims. The word ‘Dru’ is another word for the North Star, around which it appears to us, the whole Universe is revolving.

Dru is about finding your still point within, stillness in motion! For me, it is like a moving meditation, taking you from your busy, buzzing mind to enjoy being you in your own body.watches replica




Mondays 7-8:15pm Christchurch Halls, Needham Market

Suitable for all bodies, abilities and ages.

Thursdays 1:45 – 3pm at The Coddenham Centre.

Especially for the over 50s

Strong and Radiant You package £40 for 5 consecutive classes on the  same day of the week

or £10 ‘drop in’ price

A revitalising mix of activations to music, an Energy Block Release Sequence to improve your energy levels, asanas or postures to improve strength, balance and flexibility and a beautiful, long, deep relaxation to help you sleep. Classes are 75mins to allow an hour of movement as well as a proper 15min deep relaxation. Bliss!

Christchurch Hall, Needham Market IP6 8AP
Mondays 7-8:15pm
Wednesdays 10-11:15am
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Rookery Bowls Club, Stowmarket, IP14 1PN
Thursdays 1:45-3pm
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The Coddenham Centre, Coddenham IP6 9SR
The Coddenham Centre Website
Saturdays 10-11:15am
Tuesdays 10-11:15am
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PACKAGE – ‘STRONG AND RADIANT YOU’.  £35 for five Dru Yoga classes to use at any of the three venues (only £7 per class)

Within five classes you will increase core strength, revive energy levels and learn techniques to bust stress right out the door.

£9 occasional drop in price

A Great Location @ Ipswich IP1 A small private studio with small class size for plenty of individual attention

Wednesday 6-7:15pm
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PACKAGE – ‘STRONG AND RADIANT YOU’ £40 for five Dru Yoga classes. Within five classes you will increase core strength, revive energy levels and learn techniques to bust stress right out the door.
These classes are consecutive and the package EXPIRES AFTER 5 WEEKS

Try out class price £10



Suitable for all bodies, abilities and ages.

£8 per session

Fridays 10-11am

Enjoy connection, expansion and playfulness in these fun, friendly sessions for all ages and abilities. Mainly standing with meditation walks and seated meditation at the end. Prepare to feel refreshed and renewed!

Weds at

Needham Lake IP6 8NU (meet at the mushrooms sculptures on the Station Field side of the Lake)
Fridays 10-11am
No need for any equipment. Just come and join us.
Reconnect with yourself, with others and with nature.
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PACKAGE – ‘REFRESH AND REVIVE’ £25 for five classes (only £5 per class)

In five classes you will learn an energising sequence similar to qi gong using flowing movements. You will also experience postures and meditation techniques to tune into nature and feel strong and grounded.

£7 for an occasional drop in class




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